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growing weed in swampy areas

Growing weed in swampy areas

In wick hydroponic growing systems, the plants are again in their own container, separate from the nutrient reservoir. Pieces of absorbant material (usually nylon rope) are buried partially in each plant container. The other end of the rope is allowed to dangle in the nutrient solution. The absorbant material pulls the nutrient solution from the reservoir up into the growing medium.

The system is easy to make as a <A href="">homemade hydroponics system, and will support organic hydroponics without any problems, but there are a couple of things to consider.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the right moisture level in a wick system. You will have to experiment a little with more absorbant growing mediums (vermiculite/coconut coir). Also, I have seen the wicks suck up less and less water over time (especially when using organics).

I’m starting to think that giant buds, while cool, are more inclined to problems because they can’t exchange air and moisture as well as smaller bud and so are more likely to have mold. (I was super bummed when that biggest of my buds in a grow a couple of years ago was full of mold.

For my current SCORG grow, I trimmed and trained for many bud site so I have many smaller buds instead of fewer big ones. I’m curious to see what the weight will be, but I suspect that it will be about the same or more, and that the buds will be healthier.