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growing weed in space buckets

Growing weed in space buckets

A space bucket is an affordable product or DIY project that can take small scale cannabis growing to the next level.

Making a space bucket is a great way to launch a personal grow on a budget.

Building your own space bucket kits can cost slightly more but are easier to put together and require less cutting and measuring. Check out online retailers like and to compare prices, reviews and features.

How to Make a DIY Space Bucket

A space bucket is a discreet, self-contained micro garden that’s ideal for growing weed indoors with limited space. While indoor gardening kits are not a new invention, the space bucket is particularly suited to the needs of the cannabis plant and the grower’s desire to keep a low profile.

Growing weed in space buckets

John, who asked us not to use his last name because he’s a small-business owner, is a member of a spirited new subculture of home growers who have congregated online in recent years to share information about—and instructions for building—tiny grow chambers cobbled together from 5-gallon buckets, totes, plastic barrels and materials you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They call them “space buckets,” and draw inspiration both from traditional closet growers and the hacker-inflected maker community, where the open-source taste for sharing knowledge and designs is deeply ingrained.

There’s also a certain erudition. John affects a Boston folksiness, but as he speaks confidently about vapor pressure, density and soil acidity, it becomes clear that he’s a deeply experienced gardener with a citizen scientist’s enthusiasm for documentation and experimentation—and that part of the space-bucket ethos that drew him in is the opportunity to control every input a plant receives.

Bucket Yields

The winter in Boston is long and cruel, and it’s lingered this year into a dismal gray spring. Back on the South Shore, as we watch the artificial sunlight spill out from John’s bucket, I’m overcome by the illogical urge to climb in, hunker down and bask in its warm brightness until the weather warms, the days lengthen and greenery creeps back into the landscape.

Glow And Low

Controls range from a simple on-off switch to sophisticated automation systems. (Photo by Morrigan_Disapproves)