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growing weed in shed

Growing weed in shed

However, if you’re a real cannabis enthusiast, there is nothing better than growing your own herb and enjoying the fruits of your labor. You know, sometimes it’s not a bad thing to get high off your own supply. Although, whether you’re an experienced cannabis farmer or a total newbie, it’s important to remember that growing cannabis is a delicate art.

Benefits of growing cannabis in a garden shed

Generally, the option you go for doesn’t really make a difference; it is only a matter of opinion and preference. Here, the important thing is to find a lighting solution that provides the right amount of heat, light, generates the correct wattage, and doesn’t cost you a fortune on energy bills.

Choose the right lighting

When growing cannabis outdoors, the success of your crop is at the mercy of the elements. If you have bad weather for a few months or low levels of sunlight, it will negatively impact your harvest quality. Growing inside a shed gets rid of this problem.

Growing weed in shed

Every grow room needs reflective surfaces to increase the effect of the light on the plants.

At some point, you will need to circulate the air is the grow room to remove the excess heat. In building your growing shed, it is important to integrate a suitable ventilation system that regulates the CO2. This helps to maintain the humidity and clean air within the shed. It also reduces the risk of your plants having disease occurrences. Some components of a standard ventilation system include:

Reflective Surfaces

Similarly, try not to use carpets in the grow room. This breeds mold and dust that can be harmful to you and the plants.

Electrical Timer

You can add certain chemicals to boost the acidity or alkalinity of the water as it may be required. If the water is too acidic, you can use lime.