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growing weed in raised beds

Growing weed in raised beds

We know that the goal is to grow as many plants in the space you have, whether in a greenhouse or a specific square footage allotment. Raised beds are help you make the most of the space because you can line them up right next to each other and potentially put more plants into a smaller area. This is also great if you are adopting the “sea of green” growing style. Pack ‘em in!

The theory of shared strength

Fabric raised beds are now on the scene to solve problems and kick some ass. Why shouldn’t you have the benefits of aeration and air pruning in a bed form?

Wood beds are primitive next to fabric beds

In addition to the aeration benefits, fabric raised beds are:

Growing weed in raised beds

Indica strains tend to grow more bushy or outward. Raised bed square foot gardening is not limited to one square foot spacing as a maximum though. You can grow 1 plant per 2 square feet to accommodate wider growth. Plant spacing as such would allow for 8 plants in a 4×4 raised garden bed.

• (8) 1.5 cubic ft. bags of high quality base soil
• 33 lbs. bag of Worm Castings
• 2.5 lbs. Fish Bone Meal
• 5 lbs. High Phosphorus Bat Guano
• 5 lbs. Blood Meal
• 2.5 lbs. Bone Meal
• 3 cups. Oyster Shell
• (3) cups. Kelp Meal
• (3) cups Alfalfa Meal
• (3/4) cup Epsom Salt
• 1 cup Dolomite Lime
• 2 cups Azomite
• 2 tbsp powdered Humic Acid

Improved Drainage and Reduced Watering

Enter raised bed square foot gardening, a method celebrated by those who enjoy its simplicity, structure and economy. By dividing a raised bed gardening space into square-foot planting sections, gardeners can create small but intensive vegetable gardens. In contrast to row gardening, where gardeners leave walking paths between rows of plants to access them, raised bed square foot gardening employs area planting within the sections mentioned above. Rows are not needed, since properly designed raised garden beds always have a dimension of 4ft or less, providing gardeners arm’s length access to all plants from one side of the bed or another.

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Leaf Icon Credit: Nikita Golubev via Flaticon

Structure and Spacing

A well-composed raised garden bed also enjoys excellent soil drainage. This is key to the health of the root systems of your marijuana plants: excess moisture drains out, allowing the roots to absorb oxygen and thrive. At the same time a raised garden bed improves drainage, planting marijuana intensively in a square foot fashion reduces the overall water needed to sustain your garden.

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