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growing weed in plastic bottle

Growing weed in plastic bottle

Early this year, California (the most populous state in the USA) legalized the sale of recreational weed. 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, and Washington DC and other eight states also have laws that fully legalize recreational marijuana.

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So you are interested in gardening Cannabis in plastic plant pots? Here some background information and review of which pots could be your best option.

Plastic plant pots for gardening cannabis

Cannabis is the trending botanical conversation piece that won’t disappear. Reactions to the subject run a wild gamut. It’s the only way to freedom from pain for some individuals, an evil weed, or an incredible source of state tax revenue and probably entrepreneurial ingenuity for others. These are the reasons why journalists should write about the growth and selling of marijuana with the same seriousness that they accord chronic pain treatment and blood pressure medicine.

Growing weed in plastic bottle

Regular Watering Stage

If you plan on starting your plants in a small solo cup and transplanting your plants to bigger containers as needed, take a look at this transplanting guide.

Easy to find at any gardening store

Standard plant container with saucer


Can sometimes lead to root or nutrient problems since stagnant water can sit at the bottom of the container and any nutrient buildup never gets rinsed out

One of the problems with saucers is you usually remove them from under the plants to empty the runoff water (always remove runoff – never let it sit so it’s seeped back up into the growing medium!). This is easy with just a few plants, but can become a problem when growing with a lot of plants in a small space. It can be difficult to get to the saucers in the back after the grow space has been filled up with plants.

Soilless Potting Mix – (coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, etc)

Helps prevent plants from getting “root-bound” via “air-pruning” from the sides