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growing weed in maine laws

Growing weed in maine laws

Sightseeing in Maine can cover a lot of variety. With a boost from your favorite form of marijuana you can take in the pleasures of elegant downtown Portland and its historic seaport district, stroll the walks of a rich tidal marsh, paddle a kayak or stretch out on a beach, or walk up hills to overlooks above Bar Harbor or even the Bay of Fundy, adjacent to Canada. In winter, ski areas provide plenty of pleasure for families, even off the slopes. In ski towns, you can find excellent dining, shopping, and winter luxuries, like a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Click here to view the details of Maine’s laws. Additional information obtained from NORML’s website.


Vast Maine, with its western mountains, acres of pine forests, craggy coastline of islands and inlets, is larger than all the other New England states combined. The character of the various regions determines the nature of your Maine vacation. People flock to the state’s beautiful beaches and rocky coast and stoic lighthouses, from the New Hampshire border up to the state’s remote “toe” in New Brunswick, Canada. The central and western parts of the state are favorites for people who love winter and snow sports. Smoking or ingesting some cannabis – legal for adults in Maine – enhances the beauty of the place. Sunrise over the Atlantic has never looked quite so magnificent.


Like the state in general, the style of lodgings cover a big spectrum. Imagine yourself a little relaxed and pleasure-oriented from a toke of marijuana, arriving at your lodging: an old sea captain’s house converted into an art-filled B&B, or a suite in luxury resort overlooking a pool and deck and a vast stretch of beach, or a cozy cabin deep in the forest. All of these options and others – convenient to dining, shopping live theater, galleries, or city parks – are easy to find (and hard to leave at vacation’s end) in Maine.

On Nov. 2, 1999, Maine Medical Marijuana for Specific Illnesses, or Ballot Question 2, passed with 61% of the votes. It legalized medical cannabis for patients suffering from serious health conditions.

Where is it safe to purchase weed in Maine?

Patients and caregivers can possess and grow marijuana for medicinal use. The state’s Department of Administrative and Financial Policy runs the Office of Marijuana Policy, which has all the details.

What are the laws of medical marijuana in Maine?

Caregivers who register with the MMMP must have a local authorization form signed by their municipal government in order to receive a registry identification card.