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growing weed in hot climate

Growing weed in hot climate

Too much heat can be a real problem. When marijuana plants are exposed to extremely high temperatures, they are susceptible to:

Symptoms of Heat Stress

In some areas, high temperatures cannot be avoided. In that case, you may want to consider using a grow tent. Grow tents help ensure an ideal marijuana grow room temperature . They do this by using an exhaust system to move hot air from the grow tent to the outside. If you are not using an exhaust system, you should, at least, make sure you have enough ventilation. An air conditioner can also remove hot air and cool an indoor growing area. Also, keep in mind that your lights will cause heat. Choosing low heat options will lower the temperature in your growing area.

Maintaining the ideal temperature for your marijuana plants when using a grow tent is not always the easiest thing to do. This is because marijuana plants require different temperatures at different stages of their growth.

Growing weed in hot climate

Every degree helps when the temperature gets really high.

Plants with cool roots are more resistant to heat. If growing in a container, keep roots cooler by putting some sort of barrier between the sun and the outside of your pot. For example, place the main container inside another, larger container. Another idea is to dig a hole in the ground and place the whole plant container inside. These strategies protect the sides of the pot from being baked in direct sunlight. Don’t let plants in containers sit directly on ceramic tiles or other materials that tend to heat up a lot under the sun. It can also help to have plants in a bigger container altogether because the extra soil also acts as a buffer for the roots.

4.) Keep Roots Cool

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3.) Take Advantage of Evaporative Cooling

This is on the side of a hill, which is relatively breezy while still getting a lot of sun. The surrounding plants help shield the plant from strong winds as well as offer some protection and shade. Plants that are grouped together often perform better than a single plant scorching in the sun by itself. It can help to move plants around and see if they perform better in some places than others.