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growing weed in garden shed

Growing weed in garden shed

First things first, you need to make sure the shed is entirely light-poof. This means that no light should leak in or out of the room when all of the doors are closed. Why? Light leakage will confuse indoor plants and cause them stress, which will result in a reduced yield.

As for the soil, you can usually pick up a ready-made bag of high-quality soil at your nearest garden center, but if you want to make your own, try and include high-quality compost, peat moss, and even things like worm castings and bone meal.

You can grow/harvest any time of the year

The tricky thing about watering your cannabis plants is that it isn’t an exact science. It requires experience and the ability to look at your plants to decipher whether or not they need watering.

In order to control the humidity of your garden shed, you should use a dehumidifier. These machines allow you to add and subtract humidity where necessary. In general, a humid and warm environment increases the rate of growth. As for the temperature, you can install portable, reverse cycle AC units that allow you to easily control the temperature inside the shed.

Feed your cannabis plants nutrients

When growing cannabis outdoors, the success of your crop is at the mercy of the elements. If you have bad weather for a few months or low levels of sunlight, it will negatively impact your harvest quality. Growing inside a shed gets rid of this problem.

Growing weed in garden shed

At some point, you will need to circulate the air is the grow room to remove the excess heat. In building your growing shed, it is important to integrate a suitable ventilation system that regulates the CO2. This helps to maintain the humidity and clean air within the shed. It also reduces the risk of your plants having disease occurrences. Some components of a standard ventilation system include:

Disinfect the walls of the room. This also helps to control pests, insects, and diseases.

Ensure that the walls are flat before placing the emergency blankets to limit excessive light leakage.

Electrical Timer

Mylar is produced in varying forms; howbeit, the form that is made from the aluminum metal has a more reflective effect.

Mylar is usually placed flat on the walls of the grow room and then held firmly by the use of tapes. This way, they reflect more light rays.

Why should you build your grow room in a shed?

Utilizing every space available to erect your grow room should be the priority of your plan.

This is the most effective reflective surface accessible in the market. They have the efficiency of reflecting over 95% of light rays that fall on them.