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growing weed in florida

Under Florida Statute 893.13(1)(A)(2), the crime of Cultivation of Cannabis is committed when a person grows or cultivates cannabis plants for personal use.

Personal Use Threshold

More often than not, law enforcement exceed the scope of their authority and require people to submit to a vehicle, home, or body search; or they may coerce a person into agreeing to a search. If we can prove that either instance occurred, the courts will suppress the resulting evidence as having been illegally obtained.

Illegal Search and Seizure

The defense of medical necessity can be used when a person suffers from a physical illness or ailment for which there was no lawful medication available to properly treat the illness or ailment and cannabis was the only substance that could relieve the pain or suffering of the person. [4]

Growing weed in florida

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While some states have legalized personal growing of marijuana, Florida has not. It may seem like growing weed in Florida may not be that big of a deal, but it is still a serious charge.

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In addition, Cultivation of Cannabis is a charge that cannot be sealed or expunged. While possession of Cannabis and even sale of Cannabis can be sealed or expunged in many circumstances, cultivation cannot.