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growing weed in coco

Growing weed in coco

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What Is Coco Coir?

For more information about coco coir, check out the great content on the Maximum Yield site, beginning with THIS ARTICLE.

The Science of Coir

I mentioned “science” above, and it turns out “science” is a key aspect of why coco coir is an ideal medium for growing cannabis as well as other crops. Some of the properties of coir that allow crops to thrive when grown in it include:

Growing weed in coco

Another advantage is that when watering, all you need to do is prepare your fertilizing mix, stabilize the pH and check the resulting EC levels. Either way, you can forget about watering your plants one by one which saves a lot of time and effort.

I advise any grower that’s planning their first coco coir slab grow to pick a top quality water pump, an anti-obstruction filter, one or two airstones and their corresponding air pump so that the water in your pump is constantly oxygenated. You should also get some drip irrigation pipes with 12 outlets, which are the key to a successful slab grow.

There are growers that say that working with flowerpots and coco coir substrate is better than growing in slabs, but I disagree. Working with slabs has more advantages than disadvantages, as the slabs give your plants’ roots’ more space to grow compared to flowerpots; slabs offer more space even if you place more than one plant in a slab due to it being one big slab rather than a tiny separate flowerpot.

Today we’re going to talk about growing cannabis in coco coir slabs. It’s quite a simple growth method and has nothing to do with hydroponics; in hydroponics you need to strictly control your plants, their roots, the water temperature, and many more things.

Something that you’re going to need to stay on top of is the height of your plants as they grow quire fast in slabs; the best way to control the height of your plants and the weight of the buds is by using a SCRoG mesh once flowering begins; you’ll manage to keep the height under control and increase the weight of your yield even more.

Here’s a short list of the things you’ll need to begin growing in coco coir slabs:

As well as all of the advantages that we’ve already talked about, you’ll get much more yield, increasing the grams per watt ratio, obtaining more abundant yields of higher quality in around as much time as a hydroponic grow; you don’t have to pay as much attention as with a hydroponic grow but you can get similar results. Of course, I don’t want to discredit hydroponic growers here, I’m simply stating that it’s an easier method that offers similar results.

Growing weed in coco

Note: You also need access to water and a drain for this coco coir tutorial.

This moving gif should hopefully give you an idea.

Cons of Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir

I recommend larger containers for larger plants and to water less often. I recommend smaller containers for smaller plants, and when the grower is willing to water more often.