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growing weed in an attic

Growing weed in an attic

One way to keep a grow of 1-2 small plants stealthy and hidden is to build a camouflaged grow box. This basically means you use something that you would have in your garage or your basement that doesn’t stand out as odd (It looks like it belongs there), and turn it into a grow box. Here are some things you could use to make stealth boxes:

It may seem like overkill, but I really recommend getting a lock on the door to your grow room. You should be the only one with a key, and don’t make more than two! Your keys should be hidden somewhere only you will be able to find them, so no fake rocks or doormats. If people ask you why you keep the room locked, just say that you have some utility stuff that you don’t want anybody messing with, or just say it’s none of their business.

1c. An Unused Closet

If you don’t want to have to struggle with intense smell control, you can find strains that have a very neutral smell while growing. Blue Mystic and Northern Light are relatively scent-neutral and great strains for beginners or people working with limited amounts of room.

With all this being said, I wish all of you the best of luck in your grows. I really hope that this article helps some of you out when you’re planning on how to set up your grow rooms!

Growing weed in an attic

Samantha said: "A full health and safety check should have been done before we moved in – how could they not know that was in the attic?"

After not having working central heating in the house for three weeks, Samantha says one of her children is now suffering from mild bronchilitis.

First family home

She claims it took several weeks before someone came to get rid of the insulation and equipment used to grow cannabis.

It has now been four months since the family moved in and they are "still experiencing problems", Samantha said.

What the landlord says

"As neither of these issues warranted an emergency response, the works were scheduled to be completed as routine maintenance.