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growing weed in aerogarden step by step

Growing weed in aerogarden step by step

The support and environment required from the stages of germination, seedling, and growth are carefully supported by the design of the AeroGarden, which comes with and also supplies required accessories.

AeroGarden, as the name suggests, is a garden itself. However, it is a grow system for indoors with hydroponic principles. These countertops grow system comes with everything a plant needs from nutrition, support to grow lights. You can buy them for various purposes and in various styles.

Is it effective?

The system also avoids the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other such chemicals for the growing. The nutrient solution is organic according to the FDA standards and also non-GMO. So, plants and veggies you grow in an AeroGarden are ideal for consumption and healthier from what you get from the outside.

After germination takes care of, the grow lights that your strain requires growth and other stages of vegetation and flowering. With the maturity of the flowering stage, your weed will be ready with luscious yields in the form of buds in very less time compared to outdoor cultivation and such similar indoor cultivation.

What is an AeroGarden?

The system is self-sustaining and doesn’t require frequent care like outdoor soil plantation.

Growing weed in aerogarden step by step

The best part? It will pay for itself in only 2 or 3 grows in weed value!

1. The Best AeroGarden Models For Weed

I use General Hydroponics Flora Series, and I always have great results with these nutrients. Some other popular alternatives are Advanced Nutrients and Botanicare.

4. Nutrients and the importance of pH

Select the water icon, and then change settings. Follow the steps until you reach the pump on/off screen.

Growing weed in aerogarden step by step

Many growers write into to ask if growing weed in various garden gimmicks will actually work.

Here’s a brief list of things people have been told to feed their cannabis to improve its taste/flavor/potency:

Myth #2 “You should urinate on your cannabis plants to give them extra nutrients.”

You want your plant to be green and healthy, but dark green leaves and burnt tips are signs your plant is getting more nutrients than it can use.

Myth #5 “More Nutrients = Faster Growth”

If you’re looking to make seeds at home, consider skipping male plants and check out our article on making your own feminized seeds using two female marijuana plants!