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growing weed in 5 gallon buckets

Growing weed in 5 gallon buckets

There is more to consider than that but just that information alone can give you great success growing pot in a 5-gallon bucket. In a plastic bucket, you really need to keep a close eye on the moisture level as too much water can drown your plant. You could have too many nutrients building up from fertilizing which can eventually kill your plant, this is called nutrient burn.

The Pros and Cons of Using a 5-Gallon Pail to Grow Pot

Yes, of course if you were to bump up the container size to a 7-gallon or larger, chances are your buds would get even larger. So, it might be something to consider on your next grow.

Does Bigger Pots Mean Bigger Yields?

If you just don’t have another bucket to use for a second plant and you aren’t concerned with how much yield you get at the end of your grow, then go for it.

Growing weed in 5 gallon buckets

Hi everyone. First time grower. I just wanted to see if I could grow my favorite plant this summer so I decided, why not! I have other gardens of flowers and veggies every year, but I understand this will be completely different. What I want to do is a 5 gallon bucket grow on my porch. I know that the size of the bucket will lower my yield at harvest but I'm doing it mostly for fun and I saw a growing technique called "main-lining" and I thought that it would be the right choice for me. I think main-lining will produce the most for my set up and it keeps the plant lower (I don't want to world to see my plant) Now with my bucket I want to drill some holes in the bottom, put some rocks or broken pottery in the bottom (for drainage) and grab some dirt and worms to fill the rest of the bucket with. I live in a valley that floods 4 times a year so I know the soil is fertile. And my porch gets more than it's share of sunlight.

How many/ where should the holes be? Should I put some in the side?

Now my questions are

Just transplanted some 6-and-a-half-week-old plants from 1-gal to 5-gallon buckets, using Roots Organic soil in both. Plants are 16 inches high, kept at an average of 68 degrees and 30% humidity. (Altitude is 6500 feet.) The strain is a cross between Burkle and Nina Limone.

How would you water them?

Grow closet.
2’x4’x5′ aluminum reflection on walls
1x 4′ Sunblaze t5 54w bulb for seedlings/clones
Viparspectra 300w led for veg/flower [orderded/otw]
Nuitrient:[MG] 24-8-16 vegatative nuits
[MG]18-24-16 preflower/transition nuits
N/A Bloom nuits
​​​​​Medium: "Just Natural" Organic soil
Pest control: Neem oil & sticky paper