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growing weed clones outdoors

Growing weed clones outdoors

While the main focus of the episode is about preventing early flowering in clones, a listener from Oklahoma who is new to growing wanted to know why early flowering is such a bad thing in the first place, and some other questions about planting outdoor cannabis clones.

Outdoor Cannabis Clones and Early Flowering

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your clones thrive outside, but there’s also plenty of things to avoid.

The Do’s of Outdoor Cannabis Clones

Here’s how it usually goes: You take the plant out in May. Two weeks later you notice those pretty flowers. Two weeks after that, you get small buds. But then the plant stalls for two weeks to a month and begins to grow weird shaped leaves out of the buds. The plant then reverts back to vegetative growth.

Growing weed clones outdoors

The ideal soil for outdoor cannabis plants is:

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Indoor / Outdoor Photoperiods

This shorter period is matched to the natural light exposure the hemp clones will get once they are moved outdoors.

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Hardening Off

A good cannabis plant fertilizer is typically sufficient, but you might need to strategically supplement to avoid nutrient deficiencies that can lower your yield. Learn more about: Diagnosing & Treating Cannabis Plant Deficiencies