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growing veganic cannabis

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Growing veganic cannabis

There are some cannabis strains that are labeled ‘vegan.’ However, only a few local marijuana dispensaries carry these kinds of cannabis products. Is there are specific reason why? Well, it could be that they are catering to the vegan community. If you are new to cannabis cultivation and you want to find a method of cultivation that considers the vegan lifestyle, then you should read further. It is new and has taken on a life of its own.

Vegan Gardening

Most marijuana growers adapt to veganism for different reasons. One of the main reason is the abstinence of chemicals. In addition, adopting organic marijuana growth techniques gives the plant a better smell, cleaner taste and amazing flavor. All three factors are the motivation to use the vegan approach to organic marijuana growth.

The Factors

Vegan gardening is plant based and takes on two principles; one consist of veganism and the other of organics. The two are hybridized into one cultivation philosophy. In other words, synthetic ingredients and animal byproducts are not used in marijuana growth or cultivation. In fact, these are not sustainable enough to offer the required nutrients to the marijuana plant. It is not as if vegan cultivation has not been around for years. However, in the cannabis community, it is new, but popular. Let’s take a closer look.