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growing medical marijuana in pennsylvania

Growing medical marijuana in pennsylvania

New PA bill could let residents grow their own.

State Sens. Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street want to amend Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program to permit patients to grow the herb in their own homes.

Bipartisan Pennsylvania Senators Announce Medical Marijuana Home Grow Bill: “We can help ease the cost and accessibility burdens for this important medicine.”— Marijuana Moment (@MarijuanaMoment) November 18, 2021

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Medical Marijuana: Laws and Regulations

Under Pennsylvania drug possession laws, possession of marijuana for recreational “non-medical” use is still illegal and could subject you to criminal penalties for drug possession.

Limits on Purchasing Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

You place of employment may also permit it under Pennsylvania law. However, it is not common for jobs to approve its consumption on their property. Taking your legally prescribed medicine in the wrong place could subject you to criminal charges.