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growing medical marijuana in nevada

Growing medical marijuana in nevada

Even though Nevada recently legalized recreational marijuana, courts still take cultivation crimes very seriously. And growing 50 lbs. or more of pot is prosecuted as trafficking, even if it is just for personal use.

1.1. Medical Marijuana Patients

The specific penalties depend on the circumstances:

2.3. Concentrated Cannabis

Obviously, commercial growers with a valid registration card from the Nevada State Health Division operate by a different set of rules. 1

Growing medical marijuana in nevada

Nevada Department of Taxation Director Deonne Contine said that there was little that her department, which oversees the burgeoning industry, could do. The original ballot measure, Question 2, that legalized adult-use marijuana a year ago outlined strict rules for the license application process during the first 18 months of legalization. Those rules include a set of guidelines on how to rank applicants, and those guidelines tend to reward those who previously have operated a similar business.

Cultivators before the Nevada Tax Commission on Tuesday lamented the number of dispensaries that have begun growing their own marijuana, saying that they had for years kept the medical marijuana market supplied with Nevada-grown weed.

“A lot of dispensaries are going online with their own cultivation, and we go to them and they ask, ‘Why should we pay $2,500 a pound when we can grow our own for $700,'” said Mark Bradley, also a Las Vegas-based cultivator who applied for a retail dispensary license. “I’m worried that our business isn’t going to last another 18 months. These were mini-monopolies that were created.”

“Everybody that has an issue with the application process today, is someone that didn’t get one,” Contine said.

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The commission on Tuesday was reviewing a 256-page set of permanent regulations likely to replace the industry’s current, temporary regulations set to expire in March. The commission unanimously approved the regulations, which address testing, labeling, packaging, delivery, security, taxation and a number of other issues. The regulations now are headed to the Legislative Commission for approval in February.

You can get more information on the DPBH’s Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry Homepage and their Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry FAQs. Since not all doctors may be comfortable recommending medical cannabis to their patients, you can use Leafly’s doctor finder to look for one in your area.

Like in any other state in the US, it is illegal for someone to drive in Nevada if they are intoxicated on a substance above the legally established limit, including alcohol and cannabis. Even medical cannabis patients can get DUIs, and having a medical card is not a defense against a DUI charge. Any driver in Nevada has implied consent to submit to a chemical test, and a refusal to submit to this test deems that refusal admissible in any criminal or administrative investigation as evidence.

Does Nevada accept out-of-state medical cards?

Question 2 legalized a wide range of marijuana products, including “products comprised of marijuana or concentrated marijuana and other ingredients that are intended for use or consumption, such as, but not limited to, edible products, ointments, and tinctures.” Even before adult use cannabis was legalized, patients in Nevada had access to a range of products including edibles, flowers, and concentrated cannabis.

Nevada marijuana growing laws

Yes, but only if they live more than 25 miles from the closest dispensary, or if they did live 25 miles away from the closest dispensary when they began cultivation at their home.

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