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growing medical grade weed

Growing medical grade weed

“As the industry has gotten bigger, they realized they must transition to use modern horticultural science,” says Youbin Zheng, a horticulture researcher at the University of Guelph, Canada, who works with cannabis companies.

Testing, testing

That led to labs being set up quickly with old equipment in unsuitable spaces, and with minimal quality control. James says that, in the past, it was not uncommon to meet people at trade shows who had bought analytical kits on the online auction site eBay and were running testing labs from their bedrooms.

But other issues are unique to cannabis production. And achieving the most efficient production requires growers to do research under controlled conditions to understand how both plant genetics and growing conditions can affect the product.

Keeping cannabis grown for medicinal purposes from the black market is not just a health and safety issue, it is also a cost one for farmers and manufacturers.

Mr Hunt argues the tough standards are not holding the industry back, or deterring future farmers.

"But the proof is in the pudding because the farmers are still applying.

Vehicles must be safe from hijackers

"We have also had military advisors come in. When even they are quite impressed by what we're doing, we know we are doing the job right."

"But if you can [invest] then it is well worth it.

Tough security requirements

"The significant number of applications is evidence that the farming and growing community has embraced this opportunity and will deliver on it."

He was even hesitant to discuss security measures installed at the site, so as not to educate potential thieves.