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growing marijuana outdoors videos

Growing marijuana outdoors videos

Veseys Seeds in York, P.E.I., has devoted six pages in its catalogue to growing at home — grow lights have been a big seller — and many people have been coming to their store seeking equipment and advice.

Seeds are available at P.E.I. Cannabis but sales have been weak

You will want to get rid of the male plants Kerr said — only the females produce the buds you want. You do not need the male plants for this.

4. Improper sexing

In vegetative growth they need 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness, he said. In the flowering stage they need 12 hours light and 12 hours dark.

This is the final step. Curing removes any excess moisture from deep inside buds, ensuring an evenly dried crop.

How to tell when your cannabis is ready to harvest

Real deal farmers harvest before sunrise to prevent any evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Real deal farmer I am not, so we are going to harvest right now.


I usually stop there because I’m not actually trying to turn my weeds to look like the turds sold at the dispensary, a little bit more in their natural form is A-OK. Also they store so nicely like that.