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growing marijuana outdoors in maine

How much does it cost to obtain a patient certification?

See: 22 M.R.S. §2425-A, 10-144 C.M.R. ch. 122, § 8(C)(1)

The cost for a registry identification card varies depending on the number of plants being grown. At most, a registered caregiver may grow 30 mature plants or 500 square feet of mature plant canopy and 60 immature marijuana plants. Applications fees corresponding to total plant count with fees growing incrementally by $240.


The cost for a patient certification depends on the medical provider conducting the examination and issuing the certification.

See: 28-B M.R.S. §1502(2)(A)

Caregivers/Dispensaries/Medical Providers

Second, make sure it’s locked up. An adult who chooses to grow their own plants must take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access by individuals under the age of 21.

Finally, make sure the ownership of the plants is clear to law enforcement that may come across them. If you’re growing marijuana for personal use, the plant(s) must be tagged with a legible label that includes your name, driver’s license or state identification card number, and a notation that the plant(s) are being grown as authorized by law.

Yes. Different types of marijuana businesses are allowed in different zoning districts. For example, while the "Community Business" zoning district allows marijuana retail stores, it prohibits marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and nurseries.


No, marijuana businesses are prohibited from (1) having drive-through pick-up facilities and/or (2) providing home delivery services.

Additionally, there are restrictions based on proximity to incompatible uses, such as schools, parks, playgrounds, child care facilities, and dwellings in residential zoning districts. Please see the map below for more information.

Am I allowed to grow marijuana outdoors?

Once you have been approved for a marijuana business license, you must obtain any additional required permits. Permits which may be required include, but are not limited to:

WHERE: 27 Pine Street, first floor City Council Chambers

After meeting with Planning and Code Enforcement, you may pick up an application for a marijuana business license from the City Clerk. As part of the application, you will be required to submit the following attachments:

Step 2: Completing the Application

You may view a draft of the new regulations here:

WHEN: Monday, November 15 at 5:00 PM

The calyx is the outermost part of the plant that forms the flower.

He recommends getting a smartphone attachment that turns the device into a magnifier. He also suggested going online to look at the myriad of videos people have produced showing the growing process.

Neither Eccelston nor Rusnack use chemical pesticides when they grow.

Instead of seeds, send in the clones

“The problem is so many people spend a ton of money getting lights and other indoor growing stuff,” Eccelston said. “My suggestion is, if you have never grown before, don’t spend a lot of money on an indoor system, [instead] grow it outside and see how it goes.”

Cleanliness is important, Eccelston said, but indoor growing systems can be vulnerable to parasitic or other insect attacks.

Marijuana does grow from seeds, but Eccelston said they can be difficult and expensive to obtain.

Lights, air, water, action!

“Do your research,” Rusnack said. “It can be simple, but if you want a quality plant, be prepared to put some time into it.”

Once harvested, the plants should be put in a brown bag for three to seven days and shuffled around daily, to prevent mold.