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growing marijuana outdoors in florida

Many soil brands have some nutrients to get you through the first month or two. Some also have additional time released fertilizers that can feed for several more months. These have their dark side too. The name "Time Released" should say "Water Released" because most of these type ferts are released when the soil is watered. This can be ok if the area well drained. However, if the area needs watered frequently, you could be over fertilizing the plants, or just washing the fert right through the soil. I like to mix some time release fert in the soil, but at low doses, to give the plants some light feeding for awhile. Mainly to last through the vegetative phase. After that I tend to use a flowering fert, and occasionally throw some time-release on the top of the ground when I know I will not be in the area for awhile. I prefer to use Organic nutrients as opposed to chemical fertilizers. This allows us to do our part in keeping pollutants out of nature and generally gives the best finished product.

It is a good Idea to return to your plot after heavy rains during flowering to shake excess water off of the plant. This helps to reduce mold and rot that can destroy crops. You can also check to see how the soil is draining. You may also need to do some cleaning around the area. Pick up any debris that may have fallen on your plant or fencing.

I cannot stress this enough. Every time you go to your plot, choose a different route. do not make easily seen trails, or use game trails when you can. Check every so often to know if you are being followed. Listen to the woods. Insects get quiet in the area around an intruder.

The second biggest job to the Guerilla grower is watering the plant during drought. when it hasn’t rained for a few days, you will need to water the plants.

The Site of the Guerilla grow is very important. Several things must be taken in account. Security, Sunshine, Soil, and water.

The state does not view growing marijuana in the same manner as those who grow it. If you are under investigation for, have been arrested for or have been charged with growing pot, do not hesitate to call and talk to me, Landes & Julien, directly. I am an experienced Jacksonville marijuana cultivation defense lawyer who can be reached at 904-343-4556 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Florida Marijuana Laws and Penalties Are Among the Nation’s Toughest

Some Florida judges treat marijuana cultivation like it’s the crime of the century. The people who grow it — small amounts in grow closets, large amounts in their acres of land — are usually not “bad” people. Many are just taking advantage of the climate to grow weed for their personal use.

Speak to a St. Johns County, Florida, Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Additionally, if you have children, you can be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. This is a serious matter that needs to be handled with great care and knowledge. I have both the desire and the experience to help you fight these charges.