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growing marijuana in tomato cages

Growing marijuana in tomato cages

Velcro or String

Wire Tomato Cages

Tomato cages are designed with a narrow diameter at the bottom and larger diameter at the top, like a funnel — or, when viewed from the side, a triangle. Cannabis plants, however are naturally wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. Because of this, when cannabis plants are supported with tomato cages, the lower branches lack anything to rest on. In order to keep the buds off the ground, tying with string or Velcro is still required. Narrow tomato cage bases are also unable to keep top-heavy plants from tipping over which can result in partial or entire plant loss.

Growing marijuana in tomato cages

Grows using this setup: 1
Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g

Oh my days, now that this has happened to me. SO TRUE.


And fuck yeah, growing in a spare bathroom is awesome. I fuckin love having that sink right next to me for immediate use. Not to mention the built in exhaust fan.

So I stumbled across something in a general store that sells everything from toolware, to houseware, to gardening supplies.
It looked interesting enough so I bought a good number despite not really needing it.
I have put it to use over the past week, and MY LORD, I love this stuff. It’s a stake accessory, more or less. So damned practical and helpful.
Really helps hold up and support my beautiful girls that are growing big, especially now that they’ve exploded after the flowering stretch, and are busily creating buds.
It runs similar to the idea of tomato cages, but SO much more customizable. I didn’t like the tomato cage I bought a while ago, but this stuff is gold.
I totally recommend now that i’ve used these. I would have totally bought them earlier if I had know they existed.
So just sharing here, to spread the love.

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Very nice images and representing stakes. But with the group and for you- next round top three times. at least and LST
thanks for the beautiful images