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growing marijuana in soil vs hydroponics

Growing marijuana in soil vs hydroponics

As you can see, both methods have certain advantages. Nonetheless, it takes more time, money, resources, and knowledge to set up a marijuana hydroponic system.

Okay, so it seems as the soil is more accessible and suitable for beginners. As we mentioned, when we choose it as our medium, it is possible to grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. But which is better?

Growing marijuana hydroponically

Fortunately, Barcelona is sunny enough for growing marijuana outdoors. So if you don’t have enough space inside, a tiny balcony will be enough to get started.

In some cases, indoor cultivation will require additional equipment, which might be pricey. If you want to grow plants inside of your apartment, remember that you will need to have the following: fluorescent light fixtures, induction, or LED grow lights, and an exhaust fan. Cannabis does like light and air.

Hydroponics Cons

There are 2 most common ways of growing marijuana: hydroponic vs soil cannabis cultivation. Obviously, these methods are very different, and to understand which one works best for you, it is essential to go over their pros and cons.

Growing marijuana in soil vs hydroponics

A hydroponic grow allows you to exercise total control over the quality and quantity of nutrients your plants receive, whereas with soil grows, nutrients remain in the soil. The nutritional needs of cannabis plants vary throughout the grow process and with hydroponics, you’re able to dial in the mixture of nutrients and tailor it specifically to their progress.

However, this degree of sensitivity also allows you to make small adjustments to maximize yields, which is more difficult in a conventional soil grow. You’re also be able to directly examine your plants’ root systems in a hydro grow, ensuring your plants are developing in a healthy way.

Control Your Environment

An indoor hydroponic grow allows your plants to mature faster and more evenly. Year-round hydroponic systems can yield multiple harvests annually, though strain genetics also play a role in that as well.

The classic image of hydroponic cultivation is large, intricate, expensive systems in industrial warehouse grows, but hydroponic cultivation is actually much more accessible than that.

Save Time and Space

Patience is crucial with hydroponic growing. Despite all its advantages, it’s often more labor-intensive and has a higher skill barrier.