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growing marijuana in high humidity

Growing marijuana in high humidity

Blue Venom – A G13 Labs strain that is resistant to heat, mold, and other stressors. Produces beautiful bud quality. A cross between two legendary heat-resistant strains, Blue Dream and White Widow. Get the best of both in one!

What about autoflowering strains?

Here are some strains that are heat-resistant and suitable to being grown outdoors:

Super Lemon Haze – Does best outdoors and plants can get huge with big yields. Can handle the heat, though is less resistant to cold. Citrus smell and captivating effects.

The plant in the middle with the dark purple buds is Frisian Dew

Growing marijuana in high humidity

I’m preparing things for my first grow and trying to make sure that I plan everything ‘right’ and I’m not surprised by too many things, and hopefully none too late to fix.


Optimal Humidity is 70% RH

Many indoor growers tend to deal with too much heat and high temperatures – this is because grow lights can get very hot, and cannabis grows are often confined to very tight spaces due to stealth or privacy concerns.

Swamp cooler – will cool down air while increasing the relative humidity; works best when humidity is too low and temperature is too high. Read how one user used a swamp cooler to control his humidity.

How to Control Humidity in the Grow Room

Humidity is too low – how to increase humidity

Relative humidity measures how much water is in their air compared to the maximum amount of water that can be held in the air at that temperature.

I like the Ambient Weather WS-07 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer because it lets you remotely check the temperature and humidity from another room (don’t forget to get 6 AAA batteries).