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growing marijuana hydroponically pdf

Growing marijuana hydroponically pdf

Intense research has allowed the NGS company to develop a soil-less, recirculating Hydroponic Growing System which optimizes the use of water resources.

Projects Completed

As global Hydroponic Equipment Suppliers, and the leading manufacturer of Hydroponics in Spain, the NGS company employs an experienced multidisciplinary team which has completed over 200 projects in nearly 30 countries, from simple farming systems to complex turnkey projects.

Since it was founded, NGS has aimed to research new hydroponic farming techniques which meet the increasing needs for intensive agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions of the planet.

Growing marijuana hydroponically pdf

Basically, you want to get a sample of the water you’re pH’ing and test it (put some pH test drops in it/place some on a test strip/use your electronic tester). This will tell you the current pH of your water.

Leaves color fading; lime-ish color:
This can mean that your plants are need more nutes, but more likely it means that the pH of your reservoir water is out of the desired range.

Light Emitting Ceramic/Ceramic Metal Halide (LEC/CMH)

Draining Reservoir Water:

I initially started with CFLs for my first grow. These were great for a small scale grow due to their low setup/maintenance costs and the fact that they don’t give off very much heat. If you’re worried about getting your feet wet in growing cannabis and don’t want to spend too much money, CFLs are a good place to start. We’ve also heard from many growers who have been having success with using the smaller LEDs made for home use.

You don’t need any other nutrients to grow marijuana; this trio alone will give your cannabis plants what they need to flourish through the vegetative and flowering stages.

Vegetative Stage:

Check your reservoir water to make sure there are no odd smells or objects floating in it. Check your tubes for brownish buildup which could be bacteria.

$5, and you can find it at Home Depot.

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Whether you call it weed, cannabis, pot, marijuana, or something else, the plant known as Cannabis sativa is actually easy to grow at home when you know what you need to do. Growing hydroponically will provide you with higher yields and a shorter grow time compared to growing in soil, but it can often be difficult for the beginning grower to get started with hydroponics. However, most people think of plants growing in water when they think “hydroponics” but actually your plants will get many of the benefits of hydroponics as long as they’re getting their nutrients directly in their water supply. However because of superior air to water ratio in hydroponics, it remains the industry standard. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to grow your marijuana in 3-4 months using the (arguably) easiest hydroponic method: hand-watering in a soil-less medium.