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growing cannabis with led light bulbs

This was not always the case. When LEDs were first gaining momentum among growers, the technology was still fairly new and had not entirely been perfected. Think about how expensive and inconvenient cutting-edge technology like smartphones were when they first came out, and it often wasn’t worth it. For example, many agree that the first-generation iPhone was not the greatest. However, today’s smartphones are much more affordable, and they are everywhere.

Those who could not afford a good set of HID lights would resort to CFLs, which, while not as effective during the flowering phase , managed to get the job done most of the time. Often times, these were the only options for growers with smaller operations, or those growing a couple plants for personal use. CFLs have gained some popularity over the years, but they would never be as popular as HID lights, which are trusted by growers all over the world. That is until LED lights entered the picture.


Finally, LED lights last longer than HID or CFL bulbs, ensuring many years of good use before they need to be replaced. Traditional cannabis grow lights last for only 20 thousand hours. In contrast, LED bulbs last more than twice as long, for up to 50 thousand, or sometimes even 100 thousand hours. That’s five times the life of HID lights!

For many, the main reason is that they are relatively inexpensive when compared to the much pricier HID setup. This is especially true if you are growing a smaller number of plants. Our grow lights at A Pot for Pot are specifically designed for growing a small number of marijuana plants and is priced well under $200 – proof that high-quality lighting doesn’t need to be expensive.

Different Types of Cannabis Grow Lights

With LEDs, you don’t have to place your plants as far away as you would with HIDs. Keep lights below 300 watts about 30-70cm away, or just around 12-27 inches. Lights above 300 watts should be kept at 70-80cm away, while gradually decreasing space when flowering. Larger wattage like 450 should be close to 80 cm or 31 inches.

Growing cannabis with led light bulbs

Although there are different types of bulbs, growers mainly use Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Both of them are similar with the difference that they emit different light spectrums .

When growing a lot of plants, you will need more wattage. This can increase the temperature in your growing environment so the best way to prevent that is to add a small exhaust fan along with the reflector hood.

That’s because they are cheap compared to LEDs and their efficiency has been proved throughout the years since indoor growing first became a thing.


LEDs are recommended when you have a big budget to spend on your grow room and want to save a couple of bucks on the light bill. Or if you’re growing in a place where it’s illegal, as you may want to keep the energy consumption down without losing quality.

It is also recommended if you’re growing in a hot climate and want to avoid the use of an air conditioner.

Reflector Hood

Note: Have in mind that light bulbs should not be dimmed down until they get at least 100 hours of use at 100% power, this way they can stabilize.

If you’re using a good LED, you will see the difference in the growth, quality, and overall health of your plants.