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growing cannabis with led flood lights

Growing cannabis with led flood lights

I didn't buy real grow LED lights because they don't sell those in my country.

I'm growing just one plant. This is my tent

I'm a first time grower starting with a White Diesel Haze auto. I'm using these flood 50W LED lamps (two of them) for the growing period:

Those should work fine. I wouldn't try to cover more than 2ft by 2ft area. I would just use all four for the whole grow.

And will use these for the flowering period:

Growing cannabis with led flood lights

Actual Power Consumption: 270W at full power, and can be dimmed down to 90W for younger plants

Quality (potency, smell, trichome development) and ease of use are important to you

3.) COB Style

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Adding it up, I’m putting out about 1620 equivalent watts using less than 275 watts of electricity (according to the specs). They’re plenty bright, run very cool and my plants are doing well.

Instead of buying a special grow light I came up with the idea to try LED floodlights with bulb splitters for this grow. I have three splitters that can use a total of 19 bulbs. I’m using a combination of 65w and 100w 3000k flood lights with some regular 100w 5000k LED bulbs sprinkled in. I bought the splitters and flood lights on eBay and Amazon for a low price and some 5000k bulbs at Walmart. Total cost was a little over a $100 including another splitter not shown and extra bulbs. What I like is the simplicity; no wiring, no power supply or drivers – if a bulb burns out, I can easily replace it. As the plant’s grew, I simply screwed in more bulbs.


These are three Dinafem Bubba Kush autos and a 00 Seeds Afghan Mass auto at 40 days. Lots of buds are springing to life.