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growing cannabis plants upside down

Growing cannabis plants upside down

At first, glance, growing weed upside down using either a DIY or an official Topsy planter seems tempting. An upside-down cannabis plant does have a few advantages. For example, more growing space and reduced chances of pest infestation. The disadvantages though vastly outweigh the advantages.

CR’s study consisted of 12 tomato plants using the Topsy Turvy planter and 12 tomato plants using traditional, gardening, on the ground methods. CR Study made the following conclusions.

The Topsy, which is shown below, is made from a plastic bag, with a hole on the bottom and wire hanging loops at the top. It is easy to use as all you must do is the following:

Based upon the topsy turvy planter being around for over 16 years and its high ratings on Amazon, it is not a brash assumption that growing a tomato plant upside down might have some benefits. A tomato plant is also similar to a cannabis plant. I.e., requires comparable soil, lighting, and care. So, the question that needs to be asked is:

CR’s Finding and Recommendations



The CR review does have a few weaknesses, with the biggest weakness being that their review and experiment were based upon tomatoes and not weed. Another weakness is that consumer reports used a Topsy planter and not a DIY, upside down, system. So, it is possible, that any problems encountered could be the Topsy product, and not specifically the upside-down gardening method. Additionally, another difference is that the plants were grown outdoors.

Why Is Consumer Reports Study Applicable to Cannabis ?

First, nearly every reputable website and resource stated that weed should never be grown upside down. For example, the website Grow Weed Easy, and Rocket Seeds from a Medium Article all advise against this technique.

Inquisitive cannabis growers saw the Topsy planter, and I would also imagine Kathi (Lael) Morris’ work and decided to try growing weed upside down. Below is a summary of the overall pros and cons of growing weed upside down.

Growing cannabis plants upside down

Advocates of the Topsy Turvy system of growing cannabis cite as one of its main advantages the protection it offers from elements that can negatively impact the growth and development of seeds and soil, including pests and molds and mildew.

Protect Seeds and Soil

Outdoor growers can gain an additional advantage with the Topsy Turvy method. By suspending their containers from trees rather than growing them directly into the ground, the canopy of the trees can act to help camouflage the plants from would-be invaders, like thieves.

Cons of the Topsy Turvy System

Unlike tomatoes, which will hang down with gravity and drop their fruits, cannabis plants will always grow back up, leaving behind a lot of bare stem that would ordinarily be filled with more flowering nodes. The weight of gravity pulling down on the plants can also place undue pressure and stress on the stems, distorting and weakening them.