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growing cannabis in small pots

Growing cannabis in small pots

From art galleries and speakeasies to deli themes and circus vibes, dispensaries have gone next-level

In the run-up to 4/20, a look at some of the ways Southern California is shaping the cannabis conversation.

The fix was easy enough. Brandishing my P-Touch label maker, I printed out “Lowryder strain, seed two” and stuck the label on the container of curing buds, right over top of the one that read “Diana Prince.” I instantly felt better.

Growing cannabis in small pots

Here’s another example of a plant that was topped after it had already started making buds

These autoflowering plants were all germinated at the same time and even share 4 of the same strains. The little tent had 1-gallon pots, while the bigger tent used 3-gallon pots. The smaller pot size is a big part of why the plants in the mini tent stayed so much shorter and smaller.

To top a plant, you cut off the top by clipping through the main stem

Keep grow lights as close as possible – Make sure your grow light is as close as possible without stressing plants. Strong light helps keep plants shorter. How far should I keep my grow lights?

2.) Grow Setup

Plant training – “Plant training” techniques give you ultimate power to create plants of nearly any size or shape.

THC Bomb Auto grows thick buds without needing a lot of height, and buds are POTENT

This autoflowering plant grew into a tiny bud ball as a result of blue-spectrum LEDs and being topped after buds started forming (typically a no-no because it stunts autoflowering plants, but can be a good technique if you want to keep plants tiny)

1.) Genetics

Use bending to reduce the height of tall branches. Don’t forget to tie the branches down or they’ll turn back up! (I like plant twist tie for hooking around stems)

Topping makes plants grow more wide and bushy instead of tall. As a bonus, it increases the total number of main bud sites and improves yields!