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growing cannabis in promix

Hello Stevepmd, The easy way to understand your promix is that it is not soil as you think. It has no nutes, does not retain water like real soil. I would PH your water to 6.5 PH and flush till 6.5PH comes out.
Then water/feed with your nutes and cal-mag. PH water after all nutes added to 6.5PH and continue that based on what I have researched. So many questions about its use but very few answers. I’ve herd it used here on the forum and sure someone will jump on board to help from experience. That’s a start in a good direction . Good Growing !!

Growing cannabis in promix

Good luck this forum blows!

Until this year, I grew outdoors in coco in #5 pots, and only watered once a day, so it can definitely be done. I probably gave them about a gallon a day, over about 10 minutes to make sure they were well hydrated. I never checked EC until this year. The plants grew fine and healthy, although yield was low. I also wasn’t doing much training, and I think that was the real source of my low yield, as the one cola was fine, the plant just wasted too much energy on larfy branches that should have been pruned. So, you don’t necessarily have to go to ProMix, even if you can’t do high frequency fertigation. You won’t get the full benefits of coco, but it should work. Note, if you are growing in a dry environment like Arizona, I take that all back. But if you are in a humid continental climate you should be fine.

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Before I grew in coco, I grew in ProMix in the same #5 pots (sometimes #7). I used water with a bit of Espoma organic “plant food” every other watering, and watered when the pot felt like it was getting light. Yields were about the same, but I did occasionally overwater and get wilted plants. (Too much water in the soil means the roots are in an anoxic environment and they close up and can’t absorb water, so they wilt just like if you forgot to water them!)

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So with my schedule and inability to get a auto feed system going, I’ve broke down and given Promix HP a try for this upcoming grow. Now my issues lol. I know a few people who run it, 1 person says water like soil. Water till it’s wet (no runoff) then re-water when dry (2-3days).. another treats it like coco and does daily. Not really sure what to do maybe someone can help. I’m running the normal Promix HP nothing added. What PH should I be running? Also, I knew I could get clones decent size in a 1gal, veg 3-4 weeks and flip with no issues. How much slower is my growth going to be? I try to hit 2.5-3ft before flip. With winter coming I’m on a deadline before the freeze so I only hve 3 maybe 4 weeks to flip. Also I’ll be going from 1gallon pots into final container (7gal) how far from flower should I do this? Week before? Sorry for so much talking. Grow starts today lol.

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