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growing cannabis in portugal

There are common requirements and there are specific requirements for each activity. Any authorization request must be submitted through INFARMED website. An authorization is required for each warehouse, branch or production site.

Possession of cannabis is punishable as a misdemeanor, if it is intended for personal consumption, being limited to 25g of weed, 10g of hashish and 2.5g of cannabis oil. The limits are defined by 10 doses per day and if they are exceeded it is considered a crime, which may be considered drug trafficking.

General Requirements

• Location and area of land to be cultivated;
• Quantity and plant species to be planted;
• Probable production amount, and it’s destiny;
• Storage location and its security measures.

Portugal was a major producer of hemp or industrial cannabis over the centuries, first in connection with the Discoveries, being used particularly for the rope of the caravels and other ships, and later for the textile industry, among many other valences. But all this was threatened around the 1930s with the appearance of synthetic fibers, namely nylon and later almost extinguished by social pressure due to recreational use of the plant, the high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), its psychotropic substance.

Cultivation requirements

Only entities authorized to cultivate, manufacture, manipulate or commercialize wholesale may carry these operations. Each operation is individually authorized.

The main purpose of the alteration is to make clear and differentiate procedures applicable to the growing of cannabis for industrial purposes, as well as to clarify certain licensing requirements previously introduced in respect of cannabis for medicinal purposes activities.

Ordinance no. 14/2022 also establishes technical requirements to grow cannabis for industrial purposes, namely:

Ordinance no. 14/2022, dated 5 January, alters the framework on the authorisation for activities relating to the growing, manufacture, wholesale trade, transport, distribution, import and export of medicines, preparations and substances derived from the cannabis plant, originally established by Ordinance no. 83/2021, dated 15 April.

Furthermore, a clear distinction is made regarding operations for medicinal, veterinary or scientific research purposes that only involve primary processing, cutting, and drying, as those activities do not require an industrial licensing, but merely compliance with good manufacturing practices as established on the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 1252/2014, of 28 May 2014.

As per the new framework, instead of a notification, producers wishing to grow cannabis for industrial purposes are now required to direct to the General-Directorate of Food and Veterinary (DGAV) an authorisation request in respect of this activity.