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growing cannabis in greenhouse during winter

Growing cannabis in greenhouse during winter

4. Breaks easily and expensive to repair
Most people who choose greenhouses for growing marijuana select a style that includes glass panes, which is an effective material for amplifying the heat from that natural UV rays of the sun, however it does have a certain weakness which means that it’s more likely to break if a branch, rock, or moving shelf hits it too hard. Once the seal from the outdoors is broken, the greenhouse effect will no longer be strong enough to maintain the same temperatures, so keeping money on hand for essential repairs just in case is absolutely necessary.


3. Enjoy growing marijuana all year long
Growing marijuana outdoors typically requires that the cultivator pay special attention to the time of year in order to get seedlings strong and ready for rooting in time. In Canada, the average growing season begins around the same time as veggies, which is the end of May or beginning of June, and most have crops harvested by October to avoid potential damage from ice-cold frost that can come in at any time.

Most good things in life come at a cost, and while the price to be paid for using a greenhouse for growing marijuana isn’t too high, it is one that should be considered so that you don’t come across any unpleasant surprises while partway through this journey.

Weed strains that thrive in colder temperatures

These are a handful of the most popular reasons why so many growers choose to utilize a greenhouse in the winter.

Luckily, even those who reside in townhouses have at least a small outdoor space that could hold a greenhouse the size of a small shed. It might not be big enough to throw a party in or to house a whole veggie garden, but it would be the perfect size for growing four or less cannabis plants.

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Though it’s not quite what so many cannabis enthusiasts had hoped for, it’s more than enough to grow a personal supply, especially with the assistance of an appropriate space that is dedicated to the cause. Unfortunately, with an ever-expanding population and shrinking living spaces, most do not have the luxury of an extra bedroom that can be converted into a grow room, and one solution to that issue is a greenhouse.

Most experienced Canadian cultivators know a thing or two about growing marijuana outdoors, but until recently, a move so bold as openly growing or smoking weed would have been shunned and lead to arrest or fines. Now, due to legislation that came into effect on October 17, 2019, every household may grow up to four cannabis plants at any given time.

Growing cannabis in greenhouse during winter

When you grow medical cannabis in a greenhouse, you should use natural sunlight as much as possible. Oreon’s LED lights are the smallest fixtures on the market, which results in minimal shadow. The sunlight won’t be blocked by large fixtures and the need for extra lights to light up the shadow spots decreases.

You won’t believe it until you try. Medisun is a medical cannabis producer in Ontario, Canada. They implemented Oreon’s LED lights for growing cannabis in their greenhouses. As a result, they are able to grow high quality cannabis products while being cost efficient. Their greenhouses are equipped with Monarch LED grow lights from Oreon. They confirm: “These lights are the smallest and most powerful LED fixtures available in the market”. The high quality of the products allows Medisun to gain a great position in the competitive market.

Cannabis plants in the flowering stage need higher light intensity and a different spectrum than seedlings that just germinated. With Oreon’s LED lights, you can set the perfect conditions to get just the right amount, light intensity and spectrum for the growth phase the plant is in. The ability to respond to these specific needs is a great advantage of growing medical cannabis in a greenhouse, in comparison to growing outdoors.

LED lights make it possible to grow high quality medical cannabis in a greenhouse. Using LED lights for growing high value crops in a greenhouse eases the process of getting control of your cannabis greenhouse system. You can set the perfect growing conditions for the growing phase your plant is in and you can manipulate the growing life cycle. Oreon’s water-cooled LED lights come with a couple additional benefits.

Cannabis in a greenhouse

The most important element of the growing process of cannabis is light. The plants need a lot of light during every growing phase, at least 12 hours a day. A greenhouse with a transparent roof is the perfect solution to use natural sunlight and temperature. However, the use of natural sunlight only isn’t enough. You’ll need additional lightning to provide enough light and warmth for the plants.

The use of natural sunlight comes with disadvantages: you can’t control when and with what intensity the sun shines. With LED lights, you are in charge of the lighting hours and it empowers you to manipulate the life cycle of your plants. You’re not dependent on the season or the daylight hours the sun provides and you can keep a consistent optimum level of light during the day. With LED lights, you can recreate the temperature of summer during winter and extend the daylight hours in the autumn and the winter. This does not only improve the quality of the crop, it accelerates the growing process as well and can lead to an extra cycle per year.

Growing medical cannabis in a greenhouse provides the opportunity to benefit from the biggest advantage of growing cannabis outdoors: the warmth and light of the sun. At the same time, a greenhouse protects your plants from the disadvantages like poor weather conditions and vermin. One thing is for sure, successful cultivation of cannabis starts with high quality seeds. If you completed this first step, you can start growing any variety of cannabis in a greenhouse.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse: it works!

Our LED lights for cannabis indoor enable you to take your greenhouse growing system to the next level.

Cannabis plants need warmth to grow, but it doesn’t like too much heat and the LED lights should be cooled to prevent overheating. LED grow lights with an active water cooling system can offer the solution. The heat the LED lights produce is taken away from the fixtures and stored separately. This prevents the heat from rising to the top of the greenhouse. This makes it unnecessary to vent once in a while, which means that no CO2 can escape. Plants need CO2 to grow, so there’s no need to add it again later.

Growing cannabis in greenhouse during winter

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Greenhouse growers are similarly affected by the reduction in daylight hours during winter, and unlike those growing on their windowsill at home, additional lighting may attract unwanted attention.

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