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growing cannabis in buckets

Growing cannabis in buckets

(3) Cut a hole in lid of bucket so the net pot sits in neatly all the way down.

(7) Get your medium together – rockwool, clay pebbles etc.

Figure 9.18 – A close-up of some early roots and underside of the net-pot. Picture by Strawdog.

Growing cannabis in buckets

I can’t think of any more cons to using a 5-gallon bucket. If you use my recommendations above, you will have success growing your pot plants. Now, let’s go over some more questions you might have on this topic.

For 5-gallons you need approximately 20 quarts or 18.9 liters of soil.

Cons of Growing Pot in a 5 Gallon Bucket

If you have 2 different plants vying for root space, one could choke out the other and then you have wasted a plant.

With everything in life, there is good and bad. So, now we will go over the pros and cons of using a plastic 5-gallon bucket for growing marijuana. First up, we will go over the pros.

How Many Bags of Potting Soil Do I Need for a 5Gallon Bucket?

I highly recommend you mix approximately 25% or more of perlite to the soil. This will help the water flow throw much easier. If you’re using coco, you don’t need to mix it with anything. I recommend this product if you can afford it.