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growing cannabis in a grow tent

Growing cannabis in a grow tent

Note: When you open the door of the tent it breaks this seal, which means smells may flood out the door or get pulled into the exhaust fan prematurely. To deal with smells when you open the tent, you can use a product called ONA gel, which is surprisingly effective at covering up odors on a short-term basis.

Short plants can only yield so much even if they’re completely covered in bud

The best way to hang your grow light is using rope ratchets if you can; they are cheap and easy to set up. Rope ratchets make it incredibly simple to adjust your lights at any time without the chance of dropping the light on your plants. Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to quickly put lights up or down, whether you want better access to the back of the tent without the light beaming on your head, or even just to take better pictures of your plants. Make sure whatever you use to secure the lights (rope ratchets!) can handle at least twice te amount of your light just to be safe!

$85) – Another CoolGrows tent. This size tent can support even the biggest HID grow light, the 1000W HPS. I personally think it’s the perfect size for a 600W (the most efficient of all grow lights, and it can produce more than a pound), so you get the best and biggest results as possible without dealing with a ridiculous amount of heat or killing your electricity bill.

Get Started Growing! You Are Ready!

Before getting started, make sure you’ve freed an afternoon to dedicate to this project. Take a minute to clean up the space you will be building your tent, as it’s easier to do it all in the beginning as opposed to while you’re working. Make sure to put together your tent at its final destination! You don’t want to build it only to realize it doesn’t fit through the doorway

When used correctly, a grow tent lets you recreate nature under its most ideal conditions! Possibly the hardest part of being able to grow cannabis in these ideal conditions is getting set up. However, once everything is set up, it’s mainly a matter of planting a seed and watering your plants until you harvest bud!

$82) – I actually have two of these. The TopoLite tents are not particularly high quality, but they have everything you need. It’s difficult to find a good tent in this particular size, but that extra foot of height is useful enough that I’m willing to deal with second-rate zippers.

5.) Sound, Stealth and Safety Check

Growing cannabis in a grow tent

The tent has windows for observation, along with ventilation and duct holes. It is also comes equipped with a removable floor tray, which is both waterproof and easy to clean.

Autoflowering seeds are not photosensitive. That means they do not need a change in lighting to begin flowering. Normally you’d need to follow a precise schedule and change the lighting in your grow tent as your plant’s needs change. This step can lead to additional maintenance, and possibly, more extensive (and expensive) lighting. With autoflowering varieties, you do not need to worry about this. A single LED light from A Pot for Pot is enough to grow any autoflowering marijuana plant.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a grow tent is how easy it is to control how much or how little light your plants get. In your tent, you can ensure your plants are a proper distance away from your lights. This distance may be a bit more challenging to guarantee in a small closet or attic – even if that option seems cheaper. Consider the cost of losing your plants due to them not receiving too much or too little light or falling prey to pollutants in the air. Good grow kits such as A Pot for Pot, used in a grow tent can ensure your plants have the best chance at thriving,

There’s a lot to think about when you consider using grow tents. How do you set up your grow lights? How do they work, and which ones are the right size? Although you may have many questions, the process does not need to be hard. This article will explain how to set up and maintain some of the most popular grow tents available online.

Choosing the Right Grow Tent

The last tent on this list uses a high-quality canvas. Apollo tent zippers are heavy-duty, with double stitched seams to ensure no light leaks through. The canvas lining is made from light-proof, tear-proof material. This construction makes it easy to integrate indoor growing fixtures and equipment. The lining also helps keep the grow tent at an optimal temperature for your plant’s growth. The instructions make it a breeze to set up. Best of all, the Apollo Grow Tent has a 90-day warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can find these popular grow tent options on

Are you thinking about setting up an indoor grow tent for your marijuana plants? Well, you may be wondering whether grow tents are even worth it. You may also be wondering how challenging they are to set up.

Easier to control environment

This tent uses heavy duty triple 5mm thick, triple-ply vinyl. The tent seams are double-stitched, and the zippers are built to last. The tent’s frame is sturdy and reliable. This is because it has metal poles that can handle at least 110 lbs combined with stable interlocking corners.

The Vivosun grow tent has a black lining, which makes maintaining complete darkness within the tent possible. It’s also easy to set up. This tent is very durable, thanks to its heavy-duty material. The Vivosun grow tent also comes fitted with proper ventilation ducts.