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growing a clone weed plant

Growing a clone weed plant

Keep a close watch on your cutting in this phase to ensure the plants never dry out and you should also monitor the health of your plants on a daily basis.

Cut the stem to approximately 4 inches long, again at a 45-degree angle. Carefully trim off leaves that are close to the bottom. Try to minimize tearing when you remove the leaves. In this phase, you want the plant to focus on growing roots instead of healing every scrape.

Leave the lights on for 18 hours a day to simulate natural outdoor conditions. As the plants grow taller, raise the lights so they remain about 2 to 3 inches above the plants. This encourages plants to grow like they would naturally.

5. Mist Cuttings

Pick a healthy plant that’s been through one growth cycle and then, after harvest, added at least 6 inches of new growth. Keep the plant well watered, but don’t feed it for three days before you plan to cut it.

When you see a root ball forming below the cube, your clones are ready to be moved to another pot! Carefully move your plants from their plastic tray and deposit them gently into a pot or container of your choosing! Treat this developing cutting like you would any other plant and continue to water and nourish it regularly.

3. Trim Leaves

Put the cubes in a plastic tray, mist them, and cover the tray with a clear lid. Set them 2 to 3 inches below fluorescent lights. For best results, mist daily.

In about 10 days, the cuttings will have developed roots. At this point, you can then remove the lid, but make sure to keep the cubes damp so they can take in nutrients.

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Growing a clone weed plant

Cannabis growers use the term cloning to refer to the process of asexual reproduction that takes cuttings from a mother plant to create numerous young plants. This process is most often used when you have desirable traits that you would like to reproduce (i.e. favorable cannabinoid profile or yield that you want to reproduce).

What is cannabis cloning and why should you clone your cannabis plants?

There are two steps to cloning cannabis cuttings. First, you want to prepare the cannabis plant by using a process called wounding. Next, you simply plant the cannabis cutting in your soil or grow media, using a process called sticking.

How to promote successful rooting when cloning cannabis

Seed propagation and tissue culture are the two other methods of marijuana propagation being used today.