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growing 4 cannabis plants

Growing 4 cannabis plants

But the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is proposing an amendment to the regulations that would result in a halt on home cultivation for recreational purposes until provinces can enact new regulations after Ottawa provides guidelines on how to do so.

Ottawa’s proposed marijuana legalization regulations allow Canadians to grow up to four marijuana plants at their residences. Medical users are already allowed to grow at home after a federal court ruled in 2016 that the government cannot ban patients from growing their own cannabis.

During a Senate committee panel discussion on the Cannabis Act, CREA CEO Michael Bourque said though the bill wouldn’t directly affect realtors, it will “impact their customers.”

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“Indoor cultivation can cause damage that will result in increased expenses, especially for landlords, who will then have to pass on these costs on to tenants. This will raise rents for Canadians, and will disproportionately impact lower-income Canadians,” Bourque said Monday. “The stated purpose of the bill is to protect public health and public safety and yet the legislation ignores evidence that growing cannabis indoors can be hazardous to the home and health of homeowners.”

Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 10-32 weeks, or about 3-8 months, to grow a weed plant from seed. It’ll be quicker if you start with a clone or an autoflower seed.

How long does it take to grow a marijuana plant?

Even if growing outdoors, a lot of growers will start their seeds inside under an artificial light to help them through this delicate stage of marijuana growth.

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Seedling stage

Marijuana light cycle: indoor—16 hours a day; outdoor—at least 6 hours of direct sunlight (“full sun”), plus several hours indirect sunlight