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grow your own weed machine

Grow your own weed machine

Marijuana is a sticky subject. Twenty-three states (and D.C) have legalized some form of medical use, but possession, growth and distribution are still illegal in the majority of the United States.

Leaf, a TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield company, is leading the revolution with its automated “Plug N’ Plant” home growing system. Leaf’s device is a 4′ x 2′ box that will fit two plants, which will yield between 4-5 ounces of weed.

This is all controlled from Leaf’s iPhone app, which will also serve as a social network for users to exchange recipes and share videos of their plants.

Grow your own weed machine

Next up is the Topogrow LED Grow Tent Kit, which exists on the other end of the spectrum from high-priced, low-maintenance products like the Armoire.

Geared toward sustainability and the idea that great food should be easy to grow, each unit is made from recycled ocean plastic from coastal communities, and with every unit sold, one is donated to a school around the US.

Topogrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

This small, no-frills kit focuses on providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. The grow tent itself is about 2 feet X 2 feet X 4 feet, so you can fit a couple plants, and would be better off choosing short, stocky plants like indica, dwarf, or an autoflowering variety.

When asked of the Lettuce Grow’s application in cannabis farming, founder and CEO Jacob Pechenik said, “More and more, we are hearing about ‘Big Cannabis,’ large scale cultivation of cannabis by industrialized brands, where it is unclear where the product comes from, what is sprayed on it, and who is profiting. This is exactly what occurred within the food industry, which inspired us to launch Lettuce Grow.”

SpinnerXP by Spinner Grow

They’re available in models that house increments of 12 plants, 18 plants, or 24 plants, and cost between $350—$500, with payment plans available between $30—$50 a month. Due to its size and ability to yield high results with very little growing surface, the Lettuce Grow is perfect for balcony gardening outdoors. Lighting kits are available for additional purchase if you’re looking to grow inside.