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grow your own medical weed

For some answers, KELOLAND News turned to Liz Tiger, Northern Hills Coordinator for New Approach South Dakota, a group dedicated to cannabis reform in South Dakota.

While the Cole memo set guidance for federal prosecutors, it is still just guidance, not a legal limit to authority. Within the memo, it is specified that nothing in the guidelines prohibits prosecution.

Due to the federal illegality of interstate transport of marijuana, there is no official voice who will tell you how to get your own product. In the absence of such a voice, Tiger recommends reaching out to our old friend; the internet.

Grow your own medical weed

Bottom line, the landscape when it comes to cannabis in Connecticut is still hazy, with many regulations still being written.

According to articles by Leafly, which describes itself as one of the world’s leading cannabis resources, a grow tent will cost you somewhere between $100 and $475. Grow lights: anywhere from $85, to over $1000. Plus, fans, timers, an exhaust system, organic nutrients, potting soil, and other equipment.

People who have a medical cannabis card can do this as of October 1. Recreational users must wait until July 2023.

“I believe the pros completely outweigh the cons.”

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When asked about this, Democratic House Majority Leader Jason Rojas, one of the architects of the cannabis legislation, agreed it was basically an honor system.

Then there’s learning how to use all this equipment to grow your own medical cannabis.

“We want to make sure that medical patients here in the state come and get professional knowledge from the people who are doing it. Being able to work in the agricultural hemp space means that we’ve grown thousands of these plants,” Vega added.

Connecticut now allows medical cannabis cardholders to grow their own plants

Police officers have privately told NBC Connecticut Investigates that fines for this may not be enforced often. Officers will need to get evidence of an illegal grow to get a search warrant, then there are questions about storage and destruction of the plants.

State law requires home growers to grow cannabis indoors only, and and it helps if growers have specific equipment and some knowledge of cultivation. The equipment involved can get pricey.