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The makers of the very durable and popular Gorilla Grow Tent have now created an impressive all-in-one, home-grow kit for marijuana cultivation devotees. The RecRoom provides a one-stop shop that includes a sturdy 2 x 4-foot tent, odor control, fans for circulating and exhausting air, LED lighting and nutrients, and a few other key essentials to create optimal cultivation conditions. Partnering with lighting manufacturer Kind LED and nutrient maker Lotus has created a solid trio in the RecRoom that will assist you in creating the fundamentals of a compact, successful indoor garden space. Just add soil and seeds — and watch your plants (and your ROI) grow fatter by the day. Price: $695-$895

The Black Dog LED cannabis growing kit.

Leaf has produced an attractive and discreet growing pod here that not only looks handsome but can automatically monitor your marijuana plant in a variety of different ways. At approximately 2 x 5 feet, the Leaf can tuck away into the corner of a room — virtually disappearing among other appliances — and promises to control your unit’s environment and consistently produce optimal growing conditions for your pot plant. It comes with sensors that gauge air humidity and temperature, as well as plant height and water levels. One of its more impressive features is a live-stream camera with WiFi connectivity beaming video to the Leaf app, so you will never have to wonder how your plant is doing when you’re away. Price: $2,990

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The RecRoom marijuana grow kit by Gorilla Grow Tent.

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