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grey area seeds

Grey area seeds

Grey Area is highly regarded by Cannabis Cup judges and has won the 2017 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup , 4 Amsterdam Unity Cups and many other Prestigious Awards over the years for the
continuing High Quality of our World Class Products!

Grey Area has befriended a lot of famous people over the past 25 years and is a favourite hangout for many Celebrities when visiting Amsterdam. Amongst them you’ll find musicians and their crew, actors, DJ’s, cannabis activists and other strange and interesting characters. Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, B-Real, Cypress Hill, Killer Mike, Run the Jewels, Chronixx, Deftones, Imani Rashaan, The Pharcyde, Ty Dolla $ign, Chali 2na A, DJ Sneak, Skinny Puppy, Freddie Gibbs, Flavor Flav, Tyree Cooper, Zion Train, Phish, SuperDude, Woody Harrelson, Max Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfy, Wide Spread Panic, Disco Biscuits, 311, Sonic Boom and many others call Grey Area their Home. So keep your eyes open and your camera ready while your puffing away!

Grey Area is a speciality weed shop, held in high esteem by true Cannabis Connoisseurs. The Proprietors give personal service and customised deals including US Style eighth-ounces (3.5 grams for the rest of us). Expect an arsenal of glass bongs, home style conversations, mass information-sharing and don’t forget to ask our Budtenders or Doorman if you can use the free Volcano Vaporizer! Grey Area is a cosy little shop with a varied selection of tunes and living room type atmosphere where you feel like you’re at home.

Grey Area is regarded all over the world as one of the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam! Over 25 years of Quality, Service & Dankness! Grey Area is the original Home of Silver Bubble, Grey Haze, Evergrey, Greybone, Grey Scout Cookies, Grey Mist Crystal, #GA Hash and many other amazing strains!

A visit to Grey Area is an absolute MUST on your trip to Amsterdam!

Grey area seeds

Re:Seed is an audio/visual performance created as a space for us to call in and retrace this simple act and to realize its vast interconnectedness through our past and our future trajectory as beings that only exist because of our interdependence with all other life on this spaceship, to realign us with renewed life affirmation and a space for visioning what we can build if we are also watered and cared for.

Bert Yip

Bay area underground faves IDHAZ & rose cherami join forces to become PIECES, an r&b noise performance & interdimensional experience blending movement, rhythms, & raw energy. PIECES is part of true indigo collective in San Francisco.

rose cherami

November 20: “Past and Future Forms”
Lead Artist Sholeh Asgary with Dena Al-Adeeb, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Leyya Mona Tawil