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green man cannabis seeds

Green man cannabis seeds

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Dr. Greenman Pure CBD Strain Description

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD stands out mainly for its low cannabinoid content, finding that all individuals have a percentage of THC that never exceeds 1% (being less than 0.6% in most cases) and about 12% of CBD.

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Welcome to Greenmans’ page, a comprehensive online cannabis site dedicated to providing the very best in cultivation information, grow guides and seedbank reviews.

Ask the Experts

The Greenman team are dedicated to helping you from the very beginning of your cultivation journey. The steady increase in cannabis legalization across the globe means it has never been easier to buy cannabis seeds. As such, we provide online seedbank reviews to help you decide where and when you should purchase your seeds.

Ask Greenman: “White Flies Infesting My Plants”

Whether you are a beginner or expert, growing indoor or outdoor, or using regular or autoflowering seeds, our grow guides are easy-to-follow and will ensure your finished product reaches its maximum potential.

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