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grape ox seeds

Grape ox seeds

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The gentle wave of Grape OX marijuana seeds feels like someone putting a weighted blanket on you on the couch. This 90% indica leaves some of a tiny burst of creativity and energy, but for the most part, users reach for this strain to relax and soothe themselves after a long day.


It’s the gentle indica wave that really summarizes your marijuana experience. Unlike other strains that come on hard and fast, Grape OX takes its time to work its way into your body and leave you completely relaxed and chilled-out. This 90% indica covers your body in a peaceful, warm hug and blanket. It’s easy to let the little things go with Grape OX in your system. In larger doses, the body buzz becomes more pronounced and potent.

You deserve a strain like Grape OX for all the hard work you do. No, seriously, this is one of our favorite strains for switching off after a long day at the office. Grape OX marijuana seeds start with a gentle euphoric buzz that may leave some of a tiny added boost of energetic and ZING! But that’s not the true nature of Grape OX marijuana seeds.