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gorilla grow tent weed

Gorilla grow tent weed

And while the Lite Line is a bit less durable overall, it’s still more durable than the average grow tent.

And better yet: will also last you at least a few years and come with nice growing conveniences, that you’re all going to learn about today.

3. Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line (Most Reliable & Sturdy Mid-Tier Tent)

Even though this tent has the best vent ports in the industry…

This grow tent is quite a bit cheaper than the premium brands like TopoLite and Gorilla, while offering close to the same quality and conveniences:

1. Mars Hydro Grow Tent (Best-Budget Tent Overall)

The most significant advantage over the other grow tents, however…

Gorilla grow tent weed

Light leakage can cause severe issues once you’ve entered bloom, and it’s not ideal in veg either. Avoid disaster by investing in a light-proof grow tent, with super-thick canvas protecting your plants from unwanted outside light.

Why Gorilla Grow Tents Dominate the Indoor Grow Room

In this scenario, you can likely work with a smaller 10′ x 10′ grow tent for veg and then transition plants into this larger grow tent for bloom.

10′ x 20′ Gorilla Grow Tent

Vents, Windows and Doors

Gorilla grow tent weed

4.Gorilla Grow tents allow for Circulation of Clean Air

Gorilla grow tents are generally thought to be great cultivation solutions from cannabis for people home growers who grow the plant on small scale. Even so, growing crops in gorilla grow tents is a great idea for growers who are into commercial farmers and switch locations every so often. One of the best things about grow tents is that they are highly moveable once the system has been developed well. This gives growers a chance to generate results and enables them to move without people noticing it. Though it is possible to grow crops indoors without using grow tents, gorilla grow tents offer some benefits that people who want to establish indoor gardens should never overlook. Whether you are a home grower who is planting vegetables, fruits, flowers, cannabis or any other crop, using a gorilla grow tent will help you create a suitable environment. We show you some of the main reasons why you need to use a gorilla grow tent in your indoor gardening.

8″ Booster Fan that helps to cool your light and grow room.

7.Gorilla Grow Tents do not require Construction