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gelatti cookies seeds

Gelatti cookies seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds is among some of the fastest growing cannabis breeders in Europe.

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It’s not hard to tell that these flowers pack a punch. A brief glance at the buds reveals a forest of trichomes and an ocean of resin. This sticky substance smells spectacular and holds an outrageous THC level of 28%. Such a high level of the psychoactive cannabinoid results in an immediate high. A single hit is enough to induce a high that’s capable of overwhelming novices. The hybrid strain contains both indica and sativa genetics, with effects targeting body and mind in equal measure. The head high is characterised by a rush of euphoria and a philosophical perspective. It’s almost psychedelic. The body high is less pronounced but adds a relaxing touch. It could be argued that Cookies Gelato is one of the most aromatic strains available. Her shimmering, bulbous buds emit an attractive scent of sugary sweetness—similar tones race across the tongue upon inhalation.


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Gelatti cookies seeds

The good news is we know this cultivar quite well, so if you’d like to know where the strain comes from, how it tastes, and if Gelatti is a head high or body high, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Gelatti cannabis strain?

In addition to its positive effects, consuming Gelatti comes with the normal downsides of cannabis use: dry mouth, red eyes, and potential dizziness for those who have absolutely no experience with cannabis. The best way to avoid these is to stay hydrated, and consume responsible amounts of Gelatti.

What do Gelatti’s effects feel like

Leafly reviewer D. y says Gelatti’s effects are “A full bodied, uplifting sensation overtakes your body as you exhale this wonderful strain.”