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gelatoband seeds

Gelatoband seeds

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GELATO (Band) – A mix of Alternative, Punk and Garage with hook & riff filled Rock. Keeping it loud and fast whilst maintaining a melodic and tight sound. GELATO (Band) – A mix of Alternative, Punk and Garage with hook & riff filled Rock. Keeping it loud and fast whilst maintaining a melodic and tight sound.

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Gelatoband seeds

Band Photography by Luke Padfield.

All tracks written by Triaxis. Except ‘Death Machine’ and ‘End of Time’ written by Triaxis and Owen Crawford.

Zero Hour (is the Welsh band’s) third album- and fourth release in total. Having gone through a line-up change (Becky joined the band in 2014; the band’s newest sister), the group sound more gilded and galvanised- they have never sounded more assured. Keys to the Kingdom– championed by the fine minds of Metal Hammer Magazine- was a masterful debut (they released an E.P. before; this was their debut album). Confident and instant; ranged and stunning: here is an album with nary a weary song. Bolstered (and ably led) by Krissie’s Heart-of-gold-cum-Judas’ vocals- that displays huge confident, intelligence, soul and fight- and you have an exceptional lead-in. The band are together and in-step- right from the very first- track; the pace never relents (over 11 numbers); the themes explore mythology and strange characters- lords, geishas and phoenixes are all covered. Still (relatively obscure)- the band still do not command the attention they deserve- Rage and Retribution was an exceptional sophomore effort- an album that expanded upon their early promise. Following some passion-led write-ups- from Metal magazines and blogs- the band took that confidence; crafted an exceptional follow-up. Gathering masses of critical acclaim- publications were filled with effusive dedication and love- the album stands (as an exceptional creation). Inspired by the likes of Judas Priest and Metallica, there was no second-rate work here: the album stands among the finest (either of the aforementioned bands) created. Rage’ was delivered in 2012: since then, there has been an eager wait- critics and fans have been salivating and speculating. With a new member- and new influence abound- the band delivers their finest album yet: hard to believe given the quality on their last record. Defined by exceptional songwriting- the lyrics and compositions are among the most detailed and inspiring to date- and tight performances, the band are on fire: Zero Hour is their masterpiece. Packed with crowd-pleasing epics; instantly memorable songs (Stand Your Ground ranks among their finest songs so far) and you have a phenomenal record. Among the jewels of Zero Hour lies Victorious: a song that (more than) lives up to its name.

Triaxis are a heavy metal band from South Wales. Formed in 2006, Triaxis self-released their debut full-length album ‘Key To The Kingdom’ in 2009 to critical acclaim, including plaudits from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance as well as coverage and praise from many leading music websites. They have also made numerous radio appearances, including airplay on Bruce Dickinson’s BBC Rock Show.
After headline grabbing sets at Hammerfest (2011 & 2013) and Bloodstock Open Air (2009 & 2012), the band signed to Rocksector Records in 2012 to release their second album, ‘Rage and Retribution’ (recorded at Foel Studios and engineered by James Stephenson of Stymphalian Productions) once again to critical acclaim. Triaxis have continued to perform extensively across the UK and Europe.
Their first promotional video, for the single ‘Black Trinity’ (Dir: Adam Stevenson, ASAV), was released in 2013 and has since been nominated for a Pure Rawk Award, alongside a growing number of award nominations for the band members themselves.
2015 sees Triaxis release their third studio album ‘Zero Hour’ (produced by Glyn Williams, James Stephenson of Stympahlian Productions and Scott Atkins of Grindhouse Studios), funded through a PledgeMusic campaign, which achieved 100% of its target in nine hours via unprecedented support from Triaxis fans. With the first single ‘Victorious’ available for free download, Triaxis continue to expand their fan base and cement their place in the metal genre

and more… Welsh. In addition to (this being my first Welsh act) it is my first Metal review: surprising it has taken me this long (over three years essentially). The genre is one that can be quite divisive: people either (passionately) love it or (violently) hate it. Strangely, I am sort of in-between: I am a huge fan of Judas Priest and Metallica; a little virginal when it comes to other acts- I need to investigate the genre more closely. A lot of Metal acts- particularly ‘90s-originated ones- were fairly hit-and-miss: a lot of knuckle-dragging noise was being produced. Metal is at its finest (when the act making the music) is intelligent and nuanced- not just people who turn up; make a hell of a noise- with no regard for quality and inspiration. Unless you listen to Daniel P. Carter (Radio One D.J.) or his ilk, Metal is not often heard (in the mainstream): it is a genre that is primarily exists in the underground. The public still has a very narrow/cliché perception: many associate (the genre) with screaming and thrashing- and not a lot else. It is a shame (this is the assumption) as Metal musicians are among the smartest out there: capable of producing some truly incredible music. Sure, there is a lot of noise; a tonne or force and riffage (sic.)- a firestorm of fury and passion. These are qualities associated with (a lot of genres) yet Metal gods (and goddesses) turn it up to 11: take that passion and crank up the volume. Triaxis hail from Wales: a country synonymous (with great) Metal bands. Bullet for My Valentine, Funeral for a Friend and Skindred (are among the country’s best). Expunging the likes of Lostprophets (and their depraved lead singer) and you have quite a roster-Triaxis can rank among (Wales’) very finest. Having been recommended by a friend (Haris); I am glad I have discovered them- the band are among the most impressive new acts coming through. Before I go into more detail, let me (via their own words) introduce them:

Gelatoband seeds

September, 2015

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