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games about growing weed

Games about growing weed

In this game, you plant the weed in a room. First, you plant the seed, then water it, and then harvest it. After that, you can sell it to the client for cash. Use the cash to buy seeds so that you can plant more. There are lots of strains to grow indoors and outdoors; bush weed, Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Purple Haze, Alien Strain, OG Kush, Muay Thai, and more. Grow, sell, make money, and expand!

Weed Inc is another idle clicker game by Metamoki featuring the weed farm business gameplay. In the game, you will manage the weed shop in popular areas; customers will visit the shop and you will sell them their favorite stuff. There is a variety of strains that you can unlock and produce for all sorts of customers. You can hire the managers to automate the work. Grow, sell, make money, expand to all the cities.

Weed Firm 2

So these are the best weed farm games for Android & iOS. If you know more games, share them in the comment section below.

Following is the list of best weed farm games that you can play on mobile –


Metamoki released this game back in 2017. It’s the most popular weed farm game out there on Android & iOS platforms where you build the weed empire by growing weed in a small area. It is based on the standard idle clicker mechanics where you tap to plant, generate coins, and make upgrades to progress further. All you have to do is collect the coins by tapping, water the plants to upgrade and unlock all the strains.

Games about growing weed

If you’re in the mood to play a simple first-person shooter (FPS) without the typical competitive atmosphere, smoke a sativa and download 420BLAZEIT. When you finish smoking, embark on a journey to take down the Illuminati while being distracted by memes and flashy, silly graphics.

Another weed farming game on the app store is the highly rated Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. Take planting, growing and harvesting tips from the rap entrepreneur in his simulation game.

Weed smoking games work similar to drinking games. The only difference is that there are fewer decisions to regret and less vomit to mop up.

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First Person Shooter Games


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Farming Weed Games

Weed Shop 2 on PC lets players sell the weed they farmed. If you’re looking for something to play on your phone or tablet, Weed Firm 2 is one of your best bets. You can cultivate and sell your weed to all types of interesting characters. Diversify your inventory with pre-rolled blunts, rosin, dabs, edibles and more. You’ll have to protect your stash from local gangbangers. Corrupt cops and the feds will also be out to get you.

Much like the lighter application on phones, there are apps that allow you to spark a joint and use the microphone to take tokes out of it. Blow or inhale until the joint turns into a roach.