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funnel cake seeds

Funnel cake seeds

5. Taste: Whoa. Cotton style candy like fruit. It’s pleasant but def a heavy hitter.

4. Smoke: At first bowl it was tight on the chest. 2nd hit was much more relaxing off the bub. Heavy tho.

2. Appearance: Lots to look at. Gold, yellow and milky white “spilled” milk trichomes food the bud. This shit would be wild as hash I bet.

1. Scent: Wet pink if that is a smell. Kinda musky sweet on jar opening and on breakdown. Lovely vibes.

3. Nug Structure: Tight but not overly dense. Good for the grinder as I’m going to harvest the F outta those trichome heads.

6. Reaction: I can feel my right side of the brain slowly disappearing into an oblivion of clouds. Good sedation for mind and body. Def a sleepy jar for bedtime.

Comments: I’ve had great times with FloraCal and I knew this was gunna set me up right if backed by Seed Junky’s. Had a few of his cuts already and was KOed.

0.053% CBD
21.772% Total Cannabinoids
Cultivation Date: 11/09/2020
Mfg Date: 12/03/2020

7. Conclusion: Hits just hard and right! As we smashed this 8th around Xmas time, we kept it on the bedside. I could not keep my eyes open. Always a fan of FloraCal, their brand is def on my “to do” list nearly every time I hit the shop. I like the flavors they are dropping right now and can’t wait to try more in 2021!!

Funnel Cake F1 Pumpkin ***New For 2022 ***
Fruit Type – Stacking Pumpkins
Average Weight – 28 lb
Plant Type – Vine
Average Maturity – 100 Days
Average Seed Count – 2300
Suggested Spacing – 48 sq. ft. per plant
Experimental Designation – 9023
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong

Large, flat, lobed fruit great for stacking.
Many fruit are warty with “Peanuts” type warts.
Fruit have a new, unique combination of blue, pink, and marbled blue and pink.
More colorful than the Peanuts pumpkin, which has only pink under the “Peanuts”, Funnel Cake has blue, pink, and marbled blue and pink under the “Peanuts”.
Average diameter is 15 inches. Average height is 8 inches.
Excellent performance in our 2021 trials.

2022 Pricing
FarMore Treated Seed
100 seeds $39.70
250 seeds $83.87
500 seeds $129.00
1M $198.50
5M (per M) $196.50
Untreated Seed
100 seeds $38.40
250 seeds $81.25
500 seeds $125.00
1M $192.00
5M (per M) $190.00