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free marijuana seeds samples

Free marijuana seeds samples

Not only can you get free samples but also full-size freebies through various reward programs that your local weed shops and online retailers may offer. Some of the most popular ones include:

So, how did this weed giveaway work, and how to get free marijuana ? Anyone over 21, or people with a valid and unexpired medical card and ID, with the proof of receiving the vaccine will be able to get one free pre-roll that can be picked up in their store.


If you want to grow your own cannabis plant but you’re not keen on spending too much money, you can get some seeds free of charge.

Participate in research, help science, and get some fine weed in turn. Some research studies will even pay you to participate!

How to get free weed samples in Long Beach?

Seed City is hosting non-stop cannabis seed giveaways where you can win free weed seeds packs.

Free marijuana seeds samples

Took less than a week to arrive cant wait to grow

raymond.jefferies (verified owner) – February 5, 2021


Once again, Thankyou for the free seeds!!
If there were a Cannabis King award, JCS would get the Crown for being the only one on this Planet that gives free seeds “just for the asking” ….. try to top that.
I grew out some free ones that were either Sour60 or Sour Lowryder, wow, nice grape aroma and with a old school type high!! Nice!!

Shane Keown – September 20, 2020

50 reviews for Free Cannabis Seeds

got my seeds in less than a week and there where more than 50 seeds…Highly recommend buying for growers who want to experiment!!