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free cannabis seeds free shipping

This seed bank offers free weed seeds for all purchases. These free seeds are not poor quality seeds, or are no longer fresh. MSNL selects seeds very carefully so you can rest assured about these free seeds.

I Love Growing Marijuana is the top popular seed bank right now. Not only do they offer a stable genetics collection of cannabis strains, but they also provide top-notch service. ILGM is aiming for the best customer experience.

#2 MSNL Seed Bank

In particular, Seedsman offers a free seed bonus when you buy a certain amount of seeds on your order. These free seeds have absolutely good germination rates, not just souvenir marijuana seeds.

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is an award-winning seed bank where customers can find top cannabis strains. This seed bank offers excellent customer service and hand-selected marijuana seeds.

Free cannabis seeds free shipping

No better deal, came in 3 days!

Use these free weed seeds to hone your cannabis husbandry skills. Or simply short on money and looking for a real ‘deal’ on marijuana seeds? Then this Free Cannabis Seed Deal is for you!


Hi this is J, I ordered some seeds from you and got some free seeds. I have finished with the autos thank you and have 4 4 foot standards here going to flip soon. They have been in veg since April and were planted in early March. Wanted to ask you- what is big Sativa looking but with a lot of dense branching that has 7 points and what has 5 points? I?ll send you some of the nugs. Please let me know.

50 reviews for Free Cannabis Seeds

you will likely find some real gems within these free pot seeds.

Free cannabis seeds free shipping


3. Seedsman – Best Variety of Cannabis Seeds


12. Sonoma Seeds – Most Promising New Seeds Bank

You can also get free basic stealth shipping or discounted guaranteed delivery free shipping when ordering packs of seeds. Suffice it to say that you’ll have plenty of cannabis seeds to go around.