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four cups seeds

Four cups seeds

To shorten the time it takes plants to grow, start the seeds indoors several weeks before the growing season. Your garden will come alive sooner, and crops will be ready for harvest about four to eight weeks early. The container you use to start your seeds doesn’t have to be expensive to serve its purpose — a Styrofoam cup is all you need. They’re sturdy, readily available and easily moved to different areas of the house.

Fill a spray bottle with water and moisten the top layer of soil with it. To promote soil moisture retention, seal the Styrofoam cup in a clear plastic bag, or secure plastic wrap over the cup opening with an elastic band. Place a glass pane over the cup as an alternative.

Consult the seed packaging to determine the optimum germination environment for the seeds. Many seeds germinate at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes they have specific light requirements. Place the Styrofoam cup on a heat mat for consistent warmth. If light is required to induce germination, place the Styrofoam cup near a sunny window or hang a fluorescent light at least six inches above the cup for about 16 hours per day.

Four cups seeds

Based solely on the 2021 Flyers Cup brackets, Chester County is the dominant force in southeastern Pennsylvania high school hockey.

Boys Class AAA

Malvern Prep opens against eighth-seeded Salesianum on Tuesday, April 13. The toughest tests for the Friars likely come from familiar Atlantic Prep Athletic Conference foes La Salle (seeded second) and Holy Ghost Prep (third).

Boys Class A

Holy Ghost Prep has actually withdrawn from the APAC Founders Cup playoffs due to COVID protocols, but hopes to resume play before its April 8 opener against Cardinal O’Hara.